Synthetica V2.18 is released!(14:40, 28. Nov. 2013)

We are pleased to announce the release of Synthetica V2.18.0. Please find all major improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found at Synthetica changelog.

New Synthetica Features

  • Improved style support for dialogs - a default dialog style can be defined (different to regular frame)
  • Improved painter support for option panels
  • Improved customization support for key bindings of text components
  • New UI-property to display MAC specific characters for accelerator keys
if (OS.getCurrentOS() == OS.Mac)
  UIManager.put("MenuItem.acceleratorDelimiter", "");
UIManager.put("Synthetica.menuItem.useMacAcceleratorChars", true);

Synthetica Mac Menu Accelerator Support

  • New UI-property to enable a rectangle view while moving a window
  • New UI-property to enable a rectangle view while resizing a window
  • New UI-property to enable support for dynamic menu items
  • New UI-property to specify the default viewport background color for the Java Help content
  • New UI-properties to display a single line of text at the bottom of a frame - i.e. useful to mark special environments
UIManager.put("Synthetica.rootPane.borderText", "Test Environment");
UIManager.put("Synthetica.rootPane.borderText.background", Color.RED);
UIManager.put("Synthetica.rootPane.borderText.foreground", Color.WHITE);

Synthetica Look and Feel Screenshot Border Text Support

  • New UI-property to specify the desktop icon size (iconified internal frame)
  • New UI-property to specify horizontal/vertical button alignment
  • Updated themes: SyntheticaAluOxide, SyntheticaBlueLight
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