Announcing Synthetica V2.20 and SyntheticaAddons V1.10(09:35, 29. Jun. 2015)

We are pleased to announce the release of Synthetica V2.20.0 and SyntheticaAddons V1.10.0. Find all major improvements below - for a complete list of changes take a look at Synthetica changelog and SyntheticaAddons changelog.

New Synthetica Features

Synthetica Plain Theme Screenshot

  • Window snap functionality - enables you to resize windows by dragging them to the screen edges.
  • Animation support for rootpane, toolbar and menubar backgrounds.
  • Header shadow support to clearly distinguish between header and content visually - see customization.
  • Borderless window decoration support.
  • Selected state support for collapsed/expanded JTree icons.
  • Added support to specify a different foreground color for non-editable text fields - see customization.
  • Improved Mnemonics/Alt-key support for dialog buttons on Windows to respect MS-guidelines.
  • Improved window resize handling - press CRTL-key on resize to reduce the window size below the minimum size.
  • Improved ToolBar painter to support inactive window state - see customization.
  • Improved button focus painting implementation to simplify customization.
  • Improved file chooser - if a directory is specified, the last used directory will not be restored automatically.
  • Updated themes AluOxide, Classy.

New SyntheticaAddons Features

  • Support of the new SyntheticaPlain theme.
  • New highlighter class (ColorTextHighlighter) to simplify foreground/background setting mainly for label based cell renderer.
  • New component JYPasswordField - provides all features of the JYTextField for a password field.
  • JYComboBox - improved color alpha value support for ColorPopupPanel, ColorComboBoxRenderer and ColorComboBoxEditor.
  • JYDocking - added selected state support for the content border.
  • DateComboBox - improved MonthView customization for using Highligthers.
  • JYTabbedPane - new method to modify child opacity at once JYTabbedPane#setAllNonOpaque().
  • XMenu - improved customization support of the XMenu content area.
  • Updated SwingX library.
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