SyntheticaFX - First Beta Release(09:08, 06. Jun. 2016)

SyntheticaFX is a pure JavaFX library and mainly a port of Synthetica for Swing. It provides different themes and controls basically made for professional business and enterprise applications on the desktop.

The traget platform of SyntheticaFX will be Java 9 and above. However, current V0.8.X releases support Java 8 only - Java 9 support will be added when switching to V0.9.X. The final release which is scheduled for first half of 2017 will support Java 9 and above only.

The core library syntheticaFX.jar is the base for all themes and additionally provides new controls and panels for your JavaFX application. Themes are provided as separate jar files. So for using a SyntheticaFX theme you have to add at least two libraries to your project - the core library and the required theme library.

The first Beta of SyntheticaFX comes along with two themes - additional themes will be provided in future releases.

  • SyntheticaFXModena - a theme extension to support Modena, the default theme of JavaFX

SyntheticaFXModena screenshot

  • SyntheticaFXStandard - the default theme of Synthetica for Swing

SyntheticaFXStandard screenshot

All features and currently supported components and controls are listed below. For more detailed information take a look at the Developer Guide.

  • Dialog API - SyntheticaFX provides it's own Dialogs API including predefined dialogs, CSS content loading and non-native window decoration, JavaFX dialogs will be supported too
  • Action Framework - supports centralized handling of properties and action handling
  • Validation Framework - enables you to add validation logic and visual feedback to any node
  • Internal Frame, DesktopPane - similar to Swing's JInternalFrame - displays a Frame/Stage-like window on the desktop pane within another window
  • RootPane - essential root node to support dialogs, internal frames, validation, root layers and window decoration
  • Frame - convenient Stage class which creates required Scene and RootPane objects under the hood
  • CanvasPane - resizable Canvas with paint handler support
  • TitledBorderPane - a Pane with a border and a title label placed on the border at a certain position

Additional controls are under construction and will be added step by step in future releases.

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