SyntheticaFX V0.8.1 released - Seven new controls(19:53, 18. Aug. 2016)

We are pleased to announce the release of SyntheticaFX V0.8.1. The new release provides seven new input controls - more details are listed below, for a complete list of changes take a look at SyntheticaFX changelog. Please keep in mind 0.8.X releases are for Java 8 only, the target platform for V0.9.X and above is Java 9. Additional controls and themes are under construction and will be added step by step in future releases.

New SyntheticaFX Features

  • Improved action framework to support ToggleGroup and new methods to check if a Toggle control is bound.
  • New, extended controls (XTextField, XComboBox, XDatePicker) to support embedded nodes

XTextField-Demo Screenshot XComboBox-Demo Screenshot XDatePicker-Demo Screenshot

  • New option controls (OptionTextField, OptionComboBox, OptionDatePicker) with an embedded option menu button and clearable button if control is editable.

OptionTextField-Demo Screenshot OptionComboBox-Demo Screenshot OptionDatePicker-Demo Screenshot

  • New SearchField control - extended text field with an embedded search button and Auto mode support to fire a search action automatically after the configured search delay time.

SearchField-Demo Screenshot

All screenshots were taken with the SyntheticaFXModena theme - all our other themes are supported too.

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