Window Decoration, Part 7 - TitlePane Menu Inline Style(10:24, 17. Jun. 2014)

Synthetica V2.19 supports a new UI-property which allows you to move the position of the menu into the title panel. The image below shows the regular title panel with the Simple2D theme.


By enabling through the UI-property "Synthetica.rootPane.titlePane.layoutStyle" the menu inline style you can save some space for the content. The property has to be set to the string value "INLINEMENU".


For a proper result some additional UI-properties has to be set. An additional Synth XML-file can be used to hold all needed properties.


  <style id="mainFrame">
    <defaultsProperty key="Synthetica.rootPane.titlePane.layoutStyle" type="string" value="INLINEMENU" />
    <defaultsProperty key="Synthetica.rootPane.titlePane.showMenuBarInTitlePane" type="boolean" value="true" />
    <defaultsProperty key="Synthetica.rootPane.titlePane.clipMenuBarWidth" type="boolean" value="true" />
    <defaultsProperty key="" type="boolean" value="false" />

In the application you have to load the additional configuration file through a custom loader just like below.

UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new SyntheticaBlueLightLookAndFeel(){
      protected void loadCustomXML() throws ParseException

The screenshot below displays the result.


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