Synthetica / SyntheticaAddons V3(15:47, 07. Sep. 2017)

The last major release has been announced eleven (11!) years ago, so it's finally time for the next generation – V3. Our general philosophy in version numbering is that we do major release changes only if backward compatibility is affected.

The main reason for this change is that we want to properly support JPMS – the module system of Java 9. However, this also means that we can't be backward compatible any longer, so we decided to switch to new major numbers to properly support Java 9 and upcoming Java releases.

Note: In case you have to be compatible to Java 6/7/8 you can use Synthetica V2.X.X and SyntheticaAddons V1.X.X. These releases are in maintenance mode and will be still supported. General Java 9 support in legacy mode (means without JPMS support) is given by the upcoming releases, Synthetica V2.30 / SyntheticaAddons V1.12 or above.


For being JPMS compatible the package structure in V3 was reorganized, which also means that V3 is no longer backward compatible. However, the class names are still unchanged so any good IDE is able to easily update all package imports of your application.


Synthetica and SyntheticaAddons V3 come along with some great new features - more details will be published soon.

  • High-resolution support
  • Scalability support
  • New dark theme - style is similar to our Plain theme
  • JPMS (Java module system) support
  • Icon library with around 7.000 font based vector icons (part of SyntheticaAddons)

Release Date

The final releases are scheduled for October 2017 - beta releases are already available for licensees.

Upgrade Prices

Customers with a valid support subscription can expect 50% discount - customers without a support subscription receive a 20% discount on the regular list price. Feel free to contact sales and request a quote.


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