SyntheticaFX provides themes and components mainly made for professional business applications on the desktop. The library is growing, new controls are under construction and will be added in future releases. The target platform of the final release is Java 11/OpenJFX 11 or above.

SyntheticaFX - The Library for JavaFX Business/Enterprise Solutions


All features and currently supported components and controls are listed below. For more detailed information take a look at the Developer Guide.
  • Action Framework
    Supports centralized handling of properties and action handling.
  • CanvasPane
    Resizable Canvas with paint handler support.
  • DesktopPane
    Container component for internal frames.
  • Dialog
    Dialog API to support custom window decoration, internal dialogs and content loading through CSS - including predefined standard dialogs.
  • Frame
    Convenient Stage class which creates required Scene and RootPane objects under the hood.
  • InternalFrame
    Similar to Swing's JInternalFrame - displays a Frame/Stage-like window on the desktop pane within another window.
  • OptionComboBox
    A ComboBox with an embedded menu button and a clear-button if control is editable.
  • OptionControlBox
    A Container mainly used to easily create a custom OptionControl.
  • OptionDatePicker
    A DatePicker with an embedded menu button and a clear-button if control is editable.
  • OptionTextField
    A text field with an embedded menu button and a clear-button.
  • RootLayer
    Allows you to lock underlaying user controls at once.
  • RootPane
    Essential root node to support dialogs, internal frames, validation, root layers and window decoration.
  • SearchField
    A text field with an embedded search-button and a clear-button.
  • Themes
    SyntheticaFX comes along with a bunch of predefined themes already known from Synthetica.
  • TitledBorderPane
    A Pane with a border and a title label placed on the border at a certain position.
  • Validation Framework
    Framework to add validation logic and visual feedback to any node.
  • XComboBox
    Extended ComboBox mainly to support (add/remove) inner controls.
  • XDatePicker
    Extended DatePicker mainly to support (add/remove) inner controls.
  • XTableView
    Extended TableView with embedded filter controls.
  • XTextField
    Extended TextField mainly to support (add/remove) inner controls.